8 Natural Face Treatments to Produce Bright and Healthy Skin

Beautiful face Merona is indeed a dream of all women, there are even some women who have a little dark face that is caused by often its exposure to direct sunlight, less care of facial hygiene, or often forget to consume water White. For those of you who crave a healthy, clean, and bright facial skin It certainly needs to do the following natural facial treatments:

Cleansing the Face

Natural facial Treatment for the first bright fast is that you should often clean the face regularly like 2 times a day for example. With it often you guys clean the face is able to clean the dirt stuck to the face and clean the dead skin cells to make the face look bright.

Using Sun Protection

You certainly know the negative effects of the sun is often exposed to direct sunlight can make the skin become dull and dark, so that your skin remains protected from the heat of sunlight and the danger of free radicals, then you before doing Out-of-home activities should use Sun Protection.

Using Serum

Serum is one of the products that is believed to have many benefits to maintain skin health. Using a serum can be relied upon in addressing various facial skin problems.

Face scrubbing and face mask

Dead skin cells on facial skin can make the face look dull. Therefore, you need to do a facial treatment using scrubbing in a week of 2times to get a bright and shiny facial skin. While the habit of doing maskeran face should be enough done 2 times a week on a regular basis to remove the dirt on the skin of the face so as to make the skin brighter and glowing. 

Enough sleep

Facial Treatment This time is enough sleep, you should sleep 7-8 hours a day, to make the skin look fresh and toned. Meanwhile, if you lack sleep, you can make your skin dull.

Consuming enough white water

The following natural facial treatments are consuming enough white water every day, as much as you can consume 8 glasses of water every day. 

Consuming fruits and vegetables

The next natural facial treatment is to consume fruits and vegetables every day, to maintain the health of the skin of nutrients that exist in fruits and vegetables such as vitamins and minerals can play a role to regenerate the body cells to always Healthy and youthful looking. 

Regular exercise

Often doing good habits such as regular exercise is very beneficial for the health of your body and face, although exercise is only done once a week because the sport can make skin pores remove the dirt Locked in the pores of the skin, so that your body and face look fresh and bright.

Maybe that way to make your skin look bright naturally, done regularly also able to quickly remove dull and dirt on your skin.

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